A New Year means new trends that are different from the previous ones. In bathroom renovations too, you can notice the same. Today, we will be discussing the new and emerging trends that will possibly take the renovation and design industry by storm in 2023. Sounds interesting?

Go through the rest of the post to learn more about the same if you are planning to give your bathroom in Sydney or any of its suburbs a makeover this New Year.

Classic Mirrors with a Backlight

A stylish mirror with an LED backlight will spruce up your bathroom.

This is a 2023 trend that many professionals carrying out bathroom renovations in Sydney and its suburbs are now recommending.

After or during a renovation, you will need to add new accessories to make your bathroom more attractive, and if you consider this type of mirror with the backlight, you can easily add elegance.

Adding Stylish Bathtubs

During or after the renovation of your bathroom, you can add a premium freestanding bathtub that will enhance your bathroom. And since these bathtubs are now available in various colours, you can add one that matches the tile or wall accent. This is another New Year renovation trend that has gained popularity.

Tiles with Natural Textures

Without the addition of tiles, a bathroom renovation can never be appealing. But the trend for 2023 is a bit offbeat. Now, the contractors carrying out bathroom renovations in Wahroonga and the other Sydney suburbs are recommending natural-looking tiles. These include stone or wood-textured tiles. Even those that give an earthy look can work great as well. However, using complementary colours on the wall is important if you wish to add these tiles to the bathroom floor.

Single-Accent Storage Spaces

Even if you are not including wooden furniture as storage spaces, you need to add those that have matching colours, especially if you are opting for a simplistic bathroom renovation.

This is another trend that is gaining traction in 2023 due to its simplicity. Surely, including storage spaces of similar colours is easy and is also very affordable.

Decorative Ceiling Lights

Integrated ceiling lights in bathrooms and other rooms in properties have always been the normal trend. But 2023 is bringing a trove of modifications when bathroom lights are considered.

Contractors carrying out bathroom renovations in Wetherill Park and other Sydney suburbs are suggesting the addition of decorative lights in the ceiling if there is space.

You don’t need to add a hanging light or those that look complex. Rather, you can go with plain and simple ones that can work well. These can be classic lights or modern ones that look chic.

Solid Separators

Glass separators in bathrooms have always been a classic style. But this New Year, the renovators are suggesting that you invest in separators that are entirely solid. However, they will need to match the tile colour and texture as this will make the separators look natural.

Generally, you will be adding these separators to split the toilet space with that of the bathing area.

Silver and Golden Tapware and Pipes

Though these are not so new trends. Still, they can be included as contemporary styles.

In 2023, you can invest in these pipes or tapware as part of the accessories added right after the renovation. Or, you can follow the suggestions of specialists carrying out bathroom renovations in Windsor and other Sydney suburbs.

They are now suggesting tapware and pipes that match the colour of your bathroom wall or the tiles.

A final word. That is before you put your money into any of these designs, you should consult with the renovators to get the best results.

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