Irrespective of whether you are planning to revamp your existing home or having a new one constructed, you need to have plans in advance in place so that you do not run out of ideas mid-way through the project.

Take for instance, tiling your toilet. The first and foremost question that should raise in your mind is, how to tile it. Well, the bathroom specialists in Sydney are to help you out. However, you must have your own understanding and an idea to discuss with the professionals. if you’ve, for instance, chosen ceramic tiles, then you have the tiles beneath your toilet. If on the other hand, you’ve opted for vinyl tiles, then the ideal will be to install the tiles around your toilet. But why is this difference? This is because of the thickness of the tiles.

Ceramic tiles are much thicker in comparison to vinyl tiles in size. So, they are more stubborn and can bear the heavy weight of your toilet. So they are fit enough to be placed beneath the toilet. Thinner vinyl tiles, placed beneath the toilet, will start peeling off because of the heavy weight of your toilet. Thus, the experts offering bathroom renovators in Sydney would suggest having them around the toilet. Or in case you have a wall-hung toilet installed, then this should be an issue of concern at all.

But How Would You Tile the Toilet Flange?

Now that the issue of whether under or around the toilet is sorted out let us shift the attention elsewhere. How will you tile the toilet flanges? Will you tile it around or under? How will the old flange fit in after the tiling is done with?

In most of the cases, the answer to all these questions is simple – You will have to tile beneath your toilet flange and its tank. This allows the toilet flange to be left secured more with the use of bolts. There are only a few minority cases where the flange goes under the tiles.

The experts offering designer bathroom renovations in Sydney like anywhere else have given a thought on this issue and would recommend placing the tiles beneath your toilet flange. What they suggest is putting the flange atop the tiles This will ensure the bottom end of the flange reaches up to the surface of the tiles. The experts would use screws to fix the flange to make sure that it reaches beneath the thickness of the tile, as that will make itf tightly and securely fixed to the floor underneath.

The experts offering custom bathroom renovations in Sydney will ensure that the toilet flange has been securely and properly fixed, and will use a long handle screw to tightly fix the flange to the tiles. They generally use two inches long screws or twice the thickness of the tiles you have had installed.

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