If you are not particularly satisfied with the look and feel of your bathroom, you always have the option of improving it by renovating it. Now, there is no limit to the changes you bring to your bathroom. It all depends on your budget, your aesthetic preferences, and your functional needs & compulsions. On this page, let us discuss the bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills that you can opt for to have a bathroom with the look and feel of your choice. 

  • Choose a low flow toilet and hidden tank

Toilets with hidden tanks have always been beneficial. When you have a hidden tank in your bathroom, the water storage vessel is embedded inside the wall. They would come in handy in small bathrooms, where space is in arrears.

Apart from that, low-flow toilets are another value addition you may think of. These toilets are famous for being economical when it comes to water usage. This will not only keep the water bill of your home in check but also increase its value. So if you have a small bathroom, opting for low flow toilets and a hidden tank is a smart option during bathroom renovations in Burwood.

Bathroom Renovations

  • Use textured and small tiles for the shower floor will count

Flooring is another aspect that you need to look for, while remodelling your bathroom. And when we speak of flooring, tiling is something you have to put your attention on, when you refurbish your bathroom. And the best tiles to opt for, are those small shower tiles. Choosing those textures of tiles and opting for extra grouting will help you have a firmer grip on the floor and will save you from slipping, when negotiating wet or soapy floors.

You can opt for ceramic as well as porcelain tiles, as they are available in various colours, shades, and patterns. Mix and match those patterns, taking help from professionals offering bathroom renovations in Campbelltown, to get the maximum visual impact and let your bathroom enjoy a harmonious look and feel.

  • Add a window to the shower room

Humidity is one of the most notorious enemies of your bathroom, as it results in the formation of mould and mildew. Though you can do away with quality bathroom fans, the best option to opt for is a big window, as it will help add natural ventilation and light to your bathroom. Professionals who are into bathroom renovations in Campbelltown will suggest such a window to ensure natural light and ventilation, leading to a significant value addition.

  • Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Gain more storage space in your bathroom without sacrificing its trim and sleek look by adding a recessed medicine cabinet just over the vanity. The extra wall framing job that is needed to be performed for the recessing of the cabinet is neither too complex nor too expensive. A recessed medicine cabinet will come in handy if your bathroom has its vanity on the shallower side. Ask the professionals offering bathroom renovations, and they will be able to help you with this.

And there are other options – updating the lighting, opting for a smaller tub, making the presence of the tub optional… the list goes on! Call Gemstone Home Renovations at the earliest to get the best bathroom renovation planning.