Interior decoration styles and trends change with time. The same can be said about bathroom remodeling. Like any other space in your home, you need to ensure that the bathroom is as trendy as the rest of the house. That’s why you need to hire the best professionals who can offer the trendiest bathroom renovations in Sydney that are making headlines with the turn of the new year.

Vertical Tiling

Gone are the days when uniformly designed white square tiles and the good old subway tiles used to add glamour to bathrooms. 2024 is the time for vertical tile stacking. More so, if your bathroom is a longitudinal one or a smaller one, then this vertical stacking of tiles is the best way to spruce up the look and feel of your bathroom.

When it comes to vertical tiling, modern bathroom renovators will prefer short, slim tiles instead of the larger ones. You can also opt for those local clay-made, hand-shaped, and glaze-fired tiles. Given the expertise of the makers, these tiles lend richness, depth, character, and texture to your bathroom. Hence, they are an indispensable part of modern designer bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Biodynamic Lighting

The monotonous lights we generally have at home and in the bathroom probably fail to justify the layout of your bathroom to the fullest. Here is where the biodynamic lights would make a difference. These lights come with certain circadian rhythms, which are biological in nature and are an internal natural rhythm that is triggered by light and dark within a 24-hour period.

This new type of lighting will respond to the condition of the natural light and mimic daylight indoors, thereby drastically increasing the mood of the user.

Water Recycling and New-Age Showers

This has been a newly introduced shower, which has revolutionised the concept of showering.

  • As with any other shower, the user will first fill the tub with fresh water.
  • Then the user can switch the modes after using the shampoo or soap. This allows the water to remain at the preferred temperature and be hygienically treated by pumping the water that collects in the drain after switching.
  • You need to clean the shower after usage to get it ready for the next user.

Bathroom renovations in Fairfield with these new-age showers will make a lot of difference in the conservation of water as well.

Eco-Friendly Hardware

This is another extremely popular innovation for modern bathrooms, wherein the hardware is made up of the three basic metals: lead-free brass, lightweight aluminium, and stainless steel, and hence is carbon neutral.

Larger Tiles

Large-size tiles—anything 800 by 800 mm or larger, though used mainly for commercial settings—will be popular for home bathroom interior design in 2024.

These large-format tiles require less grout since the tiles lie closer together, resulting in a crisp and consistent finish. Less grout lines make a bathroom feel larger, more sleek and contemporary, and much easier to clean.

Large-scale tiles allow surface drenching, which is another major trend for 2024 and involves using the same materials for floors and walls. So this is another quite obvious option if you are planning bathroom renovations in Hornsby.

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