There was a time when the majority of households in and around Sydney featured only a single bathroom. This phenomenon posed a lot of inconvenience for households. However, those days are long gone, with almost all households having a main bathroom and an ensuite at present.

An ensuite bathroom not only meets the needs of an extra bathroom, but it is also a place for luxury. An ensuite bathroom, with careful planning, can very well be fabricated to be the sanctuary of serenity and mental peace. You can turn to it after a long, hectic day.

In most households, the traditional ensuites are generally more compact than the principal bathrooms. Thus, when it comes to renovating ensuite bathrooms you must put stakes in a seasoned company that specialised in ensuite bathroom renovations in Sydney.

On This Page, We Discuss The Various Highlights of Ensuite Bathroom Remodelling.

Vanities: When it comes to choosing vanities for ensuite bathroom renovations you must look for wall-mounted vanities instead of those good old pedestal basins. While the pedestal basins are the ideal space savers in bathrooms, vanities that can be hung from the walls are the best for ensuites. They are available in a wide range of smaller and slim-line styles that are ideal for providing an important storage area for toiletries. As they are hung from the wall they will show off more floor area, thus adding more space to your ensuite.

Mirrored Wall Cabinets: Mirrors are an indispensable part of bathrooms, and ensuites are no exception. So when it comes to offering ensuite bathroom renovations, using a huge mirrored wall cabinet called a shaving cabinet is the best option. It will offer some extra storage space in the ensuite, with the large mirror making the bathroom look bigger than it actually is because of the reflection.

Highly qualified experts offering bathroom renovations in Sydney will suggest custom-made vanity with Caesarstone top over-the-counter bowls and customised mirrored wall cabinets. Professionals offering bathroom renovations will further suggest shower recesses with niche as well as frameless glass shower screens give the ensuite a chic look and feel.

Cavity Sliding Doors

If you have a particularly smaller ensuite, the experts offering bathroom renovations would suggest the use of a cavity sliding door. It will allow more space for shower recess without the need for any additional space to open the door.

The Niches

The experts offering ensuite bathroom renovations will suggest incorporating a shower niche in the shower recess as well. The use of a niche will help avoid the need for attaching protruding shelves that will minimise the space. Thus, the use of niches will allow you to enjoy more space when showering. These niches are particularly favourable for professional bathroom renovations in Sylvania as they will offer a purely decorative effect with stark contrast tiles and downlights.


The professionals offering bathroom renovations in Illawong will opt for larger tiles for ensuites, as they will make a smaller room appear larger. Then they may also suggest tiling the walls from floor to ceiling as that will draw the eyeballs up and will add to the appearance of the space.

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