The sky’s the limit when it comes to home renovation. Naturally, there is no upper limit to the expenses you incur for refurbishing your home. Thus, if you have the requisite budget, you can go for all the astounding features that will turn your home into something out of this world. But that’s not always a realistic move. So let us come back to something more practical. Let us assume that you have a certain budget set for your home renovations and that’s a shoestring budget. Here lies the real challenge. You will have to rejuvenate and revamp your home by sticking to that budget. Fret not! We hereby discuss some budget-friendly home renovation suggestions that you can opt for, to meet your needs and aspirations when it comes to home renovations in Sydney.

Renovating the Kitchen Island 

This is the era of modular kitchens. More so, if you are in an apartment, it is too hard to ignore the temptation of having a modular kitchen. However, going for a fully-fledged modular kitchen will throw your budget out of gear. Instead, you can simply renovate the kitchen island. The island comes with cabinets, plate holders, and taps. Now when they get old and shabby and when you have a leaking tap that’s not a very good advertisement for your kitchen. Hence, change the island. Replace the old leaking tap with a new one, replace the old cabinets with their more modern, new, more chic counterparts, and the look and feel of the entire kitchen will change. So that’s a fantastic option for budget home renovations in Ashfield, if you want to include kitchen renovations.

Changing the Shower Area and Replacing the Old Bath in the Bathroom

Let’s now move to the bathroom. Again, you do not renovate the entire bathroom – you just revamp the shower area, by adding a glass capsule, redoing the flooring, changing the overhead shower, and adding something more visually enticing. You may also opt for the hand shower to add more functionality. And then, turn your attention to the bath. Unless you have something more weighty, the bath ought to be the focal point of your kitchen. Replace it with a new one and the entire look and feel of your bathroom will change.

Replacing All the Windows

Well now that you are done with your kitchen and bathroom, let us now move to the rest of your home. And there are so many changes to make if you are to go for holistic home renovations in Baulkham Hills. But remember, you have budget constraints. So play some trick here. Leave everything as they are, and just change the windows. There are so many types of windows to choose from. Sliding windows, awning windows, casement windows, double hung windows, louver windows, bi-fold windows, and fixed windows to choose from. Select the one that goes with your home and the very face of your home – both interior and exterior, will change.

That’s it!! You are done with your home renovations in Bella Vista or wherever you are. And believe us, it won’t cost more. For further details, call Gemstone Home Renovations, as we are amongst the best in and around Sydney.