Bathroom Resurfacing Service in Sydney

Does the bath and the shower base in your bathroom look shabby and worn out? Are the floor and wall tiles of your bathroom dull, dated and discoloured? What you need is bathroom resurfacing, but fret not, if you are in Sydney, for you have Gemstone Home Renovations around. With the best and the most proficient specialists in our team, deliver high quality custom bathroom resurfacing service in Sydney that will address all the issues and facelift your bathroom holistically.

What Our Bathroom Resurfacing in Sydney Entails?

Our highly competent tradesmen will remove the taps & fittings, shower screens and have them either replaced or refurbished. In case they are refurbished, the old mouldy silicone coating is also cut off.

Our bathroom resurfacing experts in Sydney will then chemically etch wall and floor tiles to eliminate the contaminants to leave the surface porous and thus, ready for new finish.

Our bathroom resurfacing in Sydney also involves repairing the damaged and chipped tiles and comprehensive regrouting of the worn out tiles, followed by grout sealing to prevent moulds.

This is followed by the reglazing of tile, floors and other surfaces to bring your bathroom back to the pink of glory and life. Our expert will adopt a very effective process and the latest tools and techniques to deliver a sparkling, hard wearing durable finish, which is ideal for wall and floor tiles, shower bases and baths having the finish, look & feel, and colour of your choice.

What Makes Our Bathroom Resurfacing So Special?

We have specialised in home bathroom resurfacing service, and this implies, our bathroom resurfacing experts in Sydney are the best in helping your bathroom breathe back to life without you having to for full scale remodelling and renovating, which is by any means far more expensive than resurfacing.

Despite the fact that we offer the best bathroom resurfacing in Sydney with the most professional and customised approach our service has always been affordable. This affordability and customer-centric approach makes us the most adored name in industry.

Our bathroom resurfacing in Sydney is transparent with no hidden cost and we have comprehensive insurance coverage, and this makes us your safest investment.

Professional Bathroom Resurfacing at Your Fingertips!

Call us to let us know your needs and book our bathroom resurfacing in Sydney today. Or write to us to get an online quote.