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Custom Design Kitchens, Bathrooms & Laundry

Custom Kitchens Designs

Gemstone Home Renovations provides a full range of custom cabinetry, design, renovation, and home improvement services, all developed and manufactured right with your comfort in mind. From a basic kitchen to an inspired masterpiece, if you can dream it, we can design and build it for you. Our custom designs are made to give you maximum storage, ease of use and a purpose made space for each of your kitchen or bathroom appliances such as an oven, microwave, fridge and anything else you need to make your new kitchen or bathroom to suit your lifestyle.


Custom Bathroom or Laundry Designs

Every unique custom design new laundry or bathroom has its own difficulties to overcome. This is even more true if the units are to be designed and installed individually. There are several factors to consider such as the lighting, the finishes to the wall and floor and the plumbing. At Gemstone Home Renos, our specialist bathroom and laundry design team will ensure that every aspect of your renovation is taken into consideration, the location of the dryer and all other appliances. Once your design is agreed upon and manufacturing is completed, your bathroom and laundry will be installed by our installation experts.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating or Upgrading existing Bathrooms

Expert bathroom finishes from the master renovators

 Gemstone specializes in professionally designed bathrooms and bathroom renovations. Choosing the right bathroom design will maximize your bathroom’s potential and beauty. We understand that your bathroom renovation is a personal and complicated project and you want, and you want it to look exactly like you dream it! We design your bathroom with you – helping you with your color selection, bathroom furniture, fixtures, and bathroom accessories to ensure quality and stylish bathroom renovation. Also, if you have a particular design that you want to incorporate, we will assist you with getting your design ideas into your bathroom.

Once we are at your home, we will recreate your desired bathroom with minimal disruption, and we will do it fast! To simplify the process, we provide you with quality advice on materials, latest trends and creative ideas beforehand. No matter what size of bathroom renovation you are doing, it is always a good investment for resale or personal enjoyment. It is our goal to make your bathroom project a positive experience and to create a bathroom you will enjoy for years to come.

Our expert services for bathroom renovations include:

  • Inspection and consulting to get the best ideas to redesign your bathroom.
  • Providing quality advice in choosing and purchasing materials and products.
  • Providing your own personal project manager to oversee the smooth and efficient renovation process from inception to completion.
  • A professional, courteous, and hardworking team of tradesmen managed by your project manager.
  • Professional cleaning of your brand new bathroom.

Kitchen Renovation

Renovating or Upgrading existing Kitchen

The kitchen has become an important aspect of the modern family setup which has transformed from not just a place where mum goes to cook the dinner, but the center of family living. This is why when we design or renovate the kitchen it has to have the particular requirements to match your exact specifications and lifestyle requirements. As an integral part of the home, the kitchen should epitomize value, efficiency and visual impact in terms of presentation and comfort.

At (Company name), not only do we custom design every kitchen to your individual space, size and budget; we also assemble the whole setup before it even leaves our warehouse. Our professional design team will guide you through the process of selecting products to ensure you get only the highest quality materials for your kitchen; we work together to find the perfect products to bring your dream kitchen to reality. By having accurate measurements and having spot on angles, we are sure that every of your appliance will fit perfectly, just as you envisioned it in your imagination. Then, our interior design team will furnish you with the latest trends in colour selections that will be a match to the other areas of your home, like the laundry and bathroom, to complement the overall styling of your home.

After the installation team has completed its work, our professional cleaning team will clean your kitchen spotless, and hand it over to you so you can enjoy your favorite meal!

Laundry Renovation

Expert laundry finishes from the master renovators

We are fully aware that a custom laundry area renovation is a personal and complicated project, which typically involves design, construction, electrical works, plumbing works, painting, and finishing. When you choose to work with us, we become your partner from start to finish and we hold your hand every step along the way, ensuring your experience with us is the best it can be.

The laundry room of today has come a long way and is no longer a forgotten corner of the home. A multiple purpose laundry area is what many of our clients want, and regardless of the size of the space, a well-crafted laundry room can be a space in your home that’s no longer an afterthought. We believe to create the best laundry it is best to incorporate your laundry room ideas with the expertise from our professional design team to create the laundry room of your dreams. Some of the ideas that we can include to your laundry include utilizing new flooring and innovative color schemes, or even combining your bathroom and laundry if you are space restricted, or introducing excellent light fittings or a drying area to replace a dryer for energy savings. We use high-quality products from international manufacturers and this ensures quality and value for money.

When it comes to building or remodeling your laundry, we piece every item and ensure it is in the right place, ensure the plumbing works are working perfectly, electrical works are a work of art, and the washer and dryer are perfectly positioned in an ergonomic way to be at easy reach for everyone using the laundry.

Whatever your laundry renovation plans are, Gemstone HOme Renovations has the solution that will achieve your goals and delight you with a fully functional, eye-pleasing working area.