Having a small and cosy bathroom is the dream of many. But not everyone likes the cosiness. Some like their bathroom to be opulent, expanse, and an extension of their personality. For that, you need to make it bigger. So, as far as bathroom renovations in Bondi go, making a smaller bathroom look larger is easier said than done! Therefore, we have jotted down a few tips to get things started before you get hold of a renovation expert to take charge of this project:

From The Design’s Point of View

Try to keep the design as simple and minimal as possible. Sometimes, less is more! The busier the appearance, the smaller it will feel. Avoid unnecessary fixtures and keep the colours muted (toned down). Also, incorporate long, parallel, and simplified lines to make the bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Play with the perspective – that is what we’re trying to say!

From The Treatment’s Point of View

A popular question often arises –

“Will mirroring the bathroom walls make the space appear bigger?” OR, “Should you be adding an accented paint wall or installing a wallpaper?”

Having said that, some people think that incorporating mirrors into bathroom renovations in Bronte can make the space feel bigger. But what you are actually “achieving” by mirroring the walls is replicating all the details over and over. This contributes to the overall busyness.

Instead, keep a consistent colour scheme, especially lighter tones, throughout the bathroom walls and, if possible, the ceiling. This will create an illusion of a bigger space with no contrasting wallpaper or paints to not create “commotion” to your eye.

From The Fixture’s Point of View

Wall units are an essential part of small bathroom renovations. Thus, focus on the cabinets and other fixtures that are either hung or fixed onto the wall. This way, your eyes will be drawn underneath the vanity or wall cabinets as you will see more floor space continuum.

One Last Thing To Consider

The final that you need to know about small bathroom renovations in North Sydney is that the large cabinets and other wall-hung features must be above eye level. Some of the things to avoid are:

  • Cabinets above the sink or toilets
  • Tall or exceptionally wide linen cabinets
  • Surface-mounted medicine cabinets

So, let’s have a quick recap!

The key points to follow are:

  • Keep the renovation work simple and avoid busying it up
  • Uniform use of light colours as a part of wall treatment
  • Consider using wall-mounted vanities instead of surface-mounted ones
  • Keep big, bulky cabinets to a minimum
  • Avoid handing too many items on the wall that have a lot of depth

Following all of these tips on bathroom renovations in Bondi will help you turn your smaller bathroom into a larger sanctum santorum. Hire a reputed renovation specialist to turn it into a calm & serene space for enjoying peace & tranquillity!

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