Bathrooms are never friendly spaces for the elderly. They stand a very high chance of slipping and tripping, much due to moist floors and the ups and downs of the flooring configuration. That is why it is always a wise decision to remodel your bathroom to make it more user-friendly for the senior members of your family. There is no limit to the ideas that you may have when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom to make it more user-friendly. However, some of these ideas are a must, while others can be discarded if you are running on a shoestring budget. On this page, let us discuss the ideas for home bathroom renovations in Sydney that you plan for the senior member(s) of your family.

Maximising the Floor area

If you think that the floor area of your bathroom is too cluttered or that there is too little floor area for the seniors to\ manoeuvre, you need to remove that clutter, reconfigure your bathroom, and maximise the floor space for better manoeuvreability for the seniors. This may include relocation of the sink or powder room, removal of the shower cubicle and opting for an elderly-friendly version of a bathtub, removal of multiple flooring levels, and the like.

Installation of a Walk-in Bathtub

Opting for a walk-in tub is another feasible option. These are the safer versions of tubs, which the elders do not have to struggle hard to get in and out of. These tubs are structurally different from their regular versions, as they come with doors that can be opened and closed to let the users get in and out. Some of these tubs come with handrails, adjustable bubble jets, seating options, and the like. The professional bathroom renovations in Sydney would help you get the fittest of these baths, taking into account the age and the physical condition of the elderly member(s) of your family.

Installation of Safety Railings at the Toilet

The toilet area is another very treacherous corner for the elderly. There are instances of the elderly losing balance and tripping down while using the toilet. That is why it is important that you install safety railings around the toilet area so that your loved ones are able to grasp them and hold on to their balance.

 Installation of a Shower Bench 

This is one of the most vital senior-friendly bathroom renovations in Kellyville that you need to go for. As people age, they tend to lose the balance and grip to remain firm and steady on their feet. Now, this can be dangerous. This is where these shower benches come into play. These benches entirely remove the chance of falling while your loved ones take a shower, allowing them to stay steady and safe. Seniors can easily relax and rest in the shower when they have a shower bench installed. They come in various types, including those with adjustable heights for ease of use and suction cups for extra stability.

So you see, these are some of the bathroom renovations idea you can consider for the safety of the elderly members of your family.

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