The trends and styles of bathrooms change with time. Every year brings newer, more eloquent, and vibrant remodelling ideas for bathrooms. And when it comes to picking up the best choice of remodelling bathrooms, you must go by the latest trends, which will make your bathroom look as contemporary as it can be.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing themes for your bathroom renovation. One of the most aristocratic and at the same time, challenging of all the themes are the ones that are black-based. They are aristocratic, as black itself represents power, elegance, rebellion and status, and challenging as black and light are not the best of friends.

Thus, if you are planning black based bathroom renovations in Bella Vista, you need to hire the best professionals who are second to none in refurbishing bathrooms. One reason is that there has to be a clever use of light in black-based bathrooms, and only the best professionals can offer the same. On this page, let us discuss some strategic moves that will take the black-based renovation of your bathroom to an altogether new height.

  • Adding a Black Tiled Accent Wall

When you add a black tiled accent wall, it will take the look and feel of the space to an altogether new level. Most importantly, the wall will act as the focal point, more so if you have a freestanding bath of a contrasting combination set up in its front. The trendiest files will make the room ricochet and create that doomed glow that will create just the right kind of ambience you are looking for. The faucets and other appliances have to have a preferred combination of black and gold, with golden light shades that will help the lights bounce in all directions. The bouncy effect of the lights will help create that mystic effect.

  • Going for pure black faucets and bathtubs

Creating a stark contrast is always a challenge for the professionals who are into bathroom renovations in Blacktown. Here is where the most competent specialists will come into play. They will suggest pure black faucets and pure black bathtubs with a preferably matte finish, thus ensuring a stark contrast against a light-coloured wall or flooring, preferably white. It is recommended that the walls be black and shiny with adequate tiling and white floors to achieve the desired effect.

Black Bathroom

  • Framing a mirror with bold black

There is no hard-and-fast rule that your bathroom has to be overwhelmingly black. Highly experienced professionals offering bathroom renovations in Bondi will generally add tinges of bold black here and there, and that will make all the difference. For instance, they may suggest big square or oval mirrors with broad, bold black frames that will be just the focal point you have been looking for. It has to be coupled with a black granite tabletop, a black sink or wash basin, and a black freestanding bathtub that will complete the picture.

So you see, these are some of the best and most invigorating black-based bathroom renovations that will make your bathroom something that you can be proud of. Call Gemstone Home Renovations, as we are the best bathroom renovators to turn to.