A bespoke or a custom bathroom renovation, if done right, can make the area look inspiring. This mostly depends on the things that are included in or after the renovation process. So, today we will be discussing them here. With that, we will also be discussing what shouldn’t work in the bathroom renovation. So, if you are confused about what should be best for the custom bathroom in your place in Sydney or its suburbs and what shouldn’t, this discussion might help you stride in the right direction.

We will begin with what works great in a renovated bespoke bathroom.

  • Small Paintings

If you have a fondness for minimalism, you can expect small paintings to look really good on completion of bespoke bathroom renovations in Sydney or the suburb where you are situated.

The type of painting that you can hang on the wall depends on your choice. However, you need to make sure that they accentuate the theme of the bathroom.

  • Colourful Wallpaper  

Colourful wallpaper can look really good on your bathroom after a renovation, provided you are customising it further.

Do you love superheroes or floral patterns? You can get all of these up on the walls. In fact, wallpapering is a great solution if you want the custom renovation to be on a budget.

  • Coloured Floor and Wall Tiles    

You can find the usage of tiles in most of the best bathroom renovations in Sydney and the suburbs. But since this is a bespoke bathroom that you want to build with the help of a renovation, if you have a flair for coloured tiles, you can include them. They go well with bathrooms irrespective of their shape and size. In fact, you can explore various types of tiles directly from websites.

Let us now take a look into the things that don’t go well with bespoke bathrooms.

  • Small Plants

Had this been a simple and conventional bathroom, small plants would have gone really well. But since we are considering custom bathrooms, these small plants will not work well. That’s because bespoke bathrooms are mostly theme-based, and therefore, only those objects or accessories will work well that accentuate the bathroom theme.

  • Golden or Silver Coloured Accessories

Since custom bathrooms are mostly stylish and modern, renovators carrying out bathroom renovations in Bondi and the rest of the Sydney suburbs recommend the inclusion of flat-coloured accessories. Here, golden or silver-coloured accessories will not work because they make bathrooms look conventional and classy which is exactly opposite to custom bathrooms.

  • Classic Storage Units  

Storage units are necessary in most bathrooms. But the inclusion of traditional furniture after a bathroom renovation might not work. It is due to the design of these pieces that you might experience your custom bathrooms to be bland-looking. So, these pieces do not work. However, you can look for modern vanities that include storage space and are designed for custom bathrooms.

So, now that you know what works in a bespoke bathroom and what doesn’t, book only the right builders carrying out bathroom renovations in Brookvale or the Sydney suburb where you are situated.

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